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Author: Franks Lawn Tree Service

Lawn Mowing Service

Unkept lawn can be discouraging and a disturbing experience if you do it yourself.  Especially if you like keeping your grass neat and trimmed. No one wants to spend their precious weekend doing some extra work, and mowing their yard under the sun, plus sweating because is extremely hot outside. Specially in a Florida summer. Our team of Lawn Mowing Service can help you to lift that weight off your shoulders and leave your commercial property or residential lawn looking fresh and clean. (more…)

Lawn Mowing Services Miami

Don’t you wish you had a professional to mow your lawn for you? The process is very tiring and takes precious time out of your day.

A beautiful estate or business is nothing without a professionally maintained landscape. Also, first impressions are crucial and they do not ever get a second chance. When guests come visit your home or business office, the lawn of the building is the first sight upon arriving on your property. Want to transform your dull, plain land into a stunning, welcoming display? (more…)

Lawn Maintenance Care

Lawn Maintenance Care is just as important as the inside of your house.  The look and design of your lawn in your patio reflects your lifestyle, personality, as well influences that overall look of your house. You should not ignore your plant and or your entire patio. To have healthy lawn, it requires more than just fertilizing and watering your grass and flowers. It is crucial to take time to identify what your lawn needs and is issues to fix them on time, so it doesn’t get worse. We carefully consider and evaluate your lawn’s specific needs to give you the best result possible. (more…)

Landscape Debris Removal

Landscape Debris Removal can give you headaches. No one wants to deal with the garbage and all the junk that is accumulated in your backyard. Specially if you live in the area of South Florida where the tropical storm and the hurricane season can really leave your yard destroyed. This long process of cleaning up fallen limbs, bushes and flowers beds, can last weeks if it is not done by a big team of professionals.  Or even if you want to do a little change in your yard and want to start a plant installation to make your patio look flawless, we can help you out by removing the not so pretty plants and all the unwanted debris. (more…)

Affordable Lawn Maintenance Miami

Is your lawn always kept perfectly clean? Considering how busy life can get, we are guessing that you would appreciate some extra help. At Frank’s Lawn, our Affordable Lawn Maintenance Miami services have helped several of our customers gain peace with their home’s landscape design. Do not allow the natural beauty of your home to be ruined because of a messy lawn. (more…)

Effective Tree Removal

Signs of An Unhealthy Tree

Florida is full of rainy days that come with strong winds. At times, trees that are unhealthy fall as a result of the strong winds and cause damage on the streets, as well as electricity problems. It would be wise to remove trees before a hurricane storm since they will be more prone to falling. It is important to get rid of the dying trees which are full of hanging branches, chipped trunk, decaying fungi, etc. Our services provide Effective Tree Removal to promote safety. (more…)

Best Tree Removal Services

Keeping Your Landscape Neat

It’s not worth going through the risk of fallen branches hitting your windows during a storm. There are trees that are healthy and those that are not. You will begin noticing which trees are on the verge of falling and causing damage. Having to live with the fear that the tree will soon fall is not fun. If you have a tree in your backyard that is unhealthy then contact us right away to receive the Best Tree Removal Services. (more…)

Best Tree Trimmers in Miami

Are you tired of that one tree that keeps attracting birds, or leaving a mess of leaves each day? Have you been dealing with trees that are simply ready to go? Allow our Best Tree Trimmers in Miami to help you cut your trees down, in order to give them a fresh start to grow in the Spring. Trees are very beautiful and can make any front yard or backyard landscape look more put together, but there are also circumstances where they can be extremely difficult to deal with. (more…)

Miami Lawn Mowing Services

The comfort and beauty of your great house diminishes down to nothing without a professionally maintained landscape. When your house doesn’t look neatly pulled together on the outside, it simply feels less like home when you’re looking at it. And when it comes to having guests over, first impressions do not get second chances. We value what matters to you and understand that family gatherings are one of those things. Your lawn is the first thing that gets seen when others are arriving to your property. (more…)

Landscape Debris Removal

Does your lawn need some maintenance and clean up? Especially because it is an outdoor area, your landscape can easily get very messy. In order to keep it looking completely put together, you can trust in our professional quality Landscape Debris Removal team. As a resident living in the South Florida area, you probably have plenty of hands on experience with the amount of destruction that can be left behind after a strong hurricane or tropical storm passes through. (more…)