Affordable Tree Trimming in Westchester | Frank's Lawn & Tree Service
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Affordable Tree Trimming in Westchester

​Affordable Tree Trimming in WestchesterAffordable Tree Trimming

If you have a yard, you know the importance of keeping your trees neat and tidy.


Not only are improperly trimmed trees a bit of an eyesore, but it’s also neither the healthiest or safest state for your trees. An improperly trimmed tree can lead to issues as minor as a lack of fruit production to something as dangerous as a hurricane hazard. 


However, tree trimming and yard maintenance are not something that has to be expensive or reserved for only the rich. Here at Frank’s Lawn Service, we provide affordable lawn maintenance and affordable tree trimming in Westchester and surrounding areas. 


What is Tree Trimming?

When you hear the word tree trimming, I’m sure you have an image of a man using a ladder or apparatus to hang from a tree to remove big branches.  Or, perhaps a gardener with a pair of shears trimming a hedge. 


Tree trimming covers a wide variety of activities that all boil down to making sure your trees are the prettiest, healthiest, and safest they can be. However, there are a few different kinds of tree trimming.


1: Trimming for appearance

The primary reason that most people hire a pruner is to achieve a particular appearance for their trees and hedges. 


Landscape design is a challenging endeavor, blending the lines between science and art. Cutting a specific branch or area can dramatically change the appearance of a tree or shrub in ways you could never expect.


It takes someone with an expert eye to look at an unkempt tree and see both what it could be and to design it in the way it would best blend with the landscape. 


Pruning is not only to achieve appearance now but to achieve a particular appearance in the future. By pruning in certain areas and not in others, the pruner can encourage the tree to grow in ways that can increase the beauty and health of the tree over the long term.


2: Pruning for the health of the tree

Surprisingly, most trees grow better with care. Though many people believe that a tree can stay healthy on its own, pruning back a tree once or twice a year is healthy for the tree. 


For example, you can remove dead branches that are only hindering new growth. Even doing this must be done with care, however. Cutting off a dead or alive branch in the wrong place can injure the tree, or cause the tree to rot from the point of the cut. 


Aside from that, pruning a plant at certain times of the year (for example, just before spring) can encourage new growth and health for the rest of the year. 


However, in Florida, many of these rules are different. 


We don’t have the traditional four seasons, and a variety of trees from both tropical and non-tropical areas. Each of these trees has a unique budding and growing time, and therefore a different pruning time.


3: Safety

The last reason that people choose to hire a tree trimmer is safety concerns.  


Untrimmed trees pose dangers such as dead branches you are afraid will fall, or a tree that has become so large as to become a hurricane hazard.


However, there is affordable tree trimming in Westchester, and you can mitigate many of these dangers. 


Tree Trimming Techniques

There are a few different techniques that pruners use:

  • Cleaning
  • Thinning
  • Raising
  • Reducing.

Read below to see which of your trees might need some of these techniques!


Cleaning a tree is what is getting rid of dead branches or foliage. Cleaning a tree can enhance the beauty, health, and safety of the trees on your property. 


Thinning a tree is selective branch removal to enhance the shape of a tree and reduce stress on already heavy limbs. When done correctly, it will increase light to the lower levels, improve the shape of the tree, and keep branches from being too heavily weighted. 


Raising a tree is cutting of lower limbs to make sure that there is proper clearance for pedestrians or vehicles. Raising a tree is commonly done over sidewalks or roadways, but it is also an important service for trees that hang over driveways or roofs.


Reducing a tree is reducing the overall size of a tree by cutting away limbs and branches. Professionals must make this reduction very carefully to avoid shock or injury to the tree. They do this to keep trees from growing into power lines, or, in Florida, to keep a tree from becoming a hurricane hazard. If trees become too large, they can become a threat to your house or vehicles.


Affordable Tree Trimming in Westchester | Franks Lawn & Tree Service

At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service we take each client and job very seriously. For us, lawn maintenance and tree trimming represent not simply work, but art. 


Trees are living things, and need more than a mechanical approach in order to grow and thrive to the best of their ability. 


If you want your yard to reach its full potential of beauty and safety for a great price, contact us today for a free estimate!