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Affordable Tree Trimming in Country Walk

Trees are beautiful. They can provide hours of enjoyment and create a lovely ambiance in your yard. To the unfamiliar, they seem like the perfect lawn ornament due to their loveliness and low level of maintenance. However, those people often find that a tree in their yard quickly becomes unwieldy and uncontrolled without the proper maintenanceThough it may not seem like it, trees require occasional maintenance to create the shape and keep them from becoming health hazards. Here at Frank’s Lawn Service, we specialize in affordable tree trimming in Country Walk and the surrounding areas. Under our care, we can create exactly the type of landscape you want in your yard. 

What Is Tree Trimming?

In its most basic definition, tree trimming is cutting trees or shrubs to create a certain shape or to otherwise change the basic function of the tree. Beyond that definition, tree trimming can be used to maintain or improve the health of the trees and the plants that live beneath their branches, keep branches away from roofs or electrical wiring, or even improve fruit-bearing capacity. Here are a few reasons why you probably need affordable tree trimming in Country Walk.

1: Your Trees Are Unsafe

The primary reason that most people call a tree trimming service is that the trees in their yards reached a point that they remain worried about dead branches dropping or growing to an unsafe height. A tree that is overgrown in the wrong way can damage your roof or electrical lines. 

2: Your Trees Are Unsightly

Even if your tree isn’t technically dangerous, a tree that was once beautiful could easily become an eyesore. It can block architectural features of your home that you may want to display, take over a lawn arrangement, and become a general blight on your yard.

Though some might give up on their trees or shrubs entirely, a tree trimming service can alter those plants in subtle ways to bring polish and beauty back to your yard. Many people consider tree trimming just keeping ragged edges in check, but tree trimmers can remove entire branches and even reduce the overall size of a tree or shrub to keep a particular shape or feature. This kind of tree trimming takes the experience of a trained arborist, as cutting the tree in the wrong place could create a wound in the tree or even send your tree into shock.

3: Your Tree Is Unhealthy

Though trees seem mostly self-sufficient, trees need care and upkeep just like other plants in your yard. Though it’s true that they need less attention than the smaller plants in your yard, trees still need upkeep. Part of that care involves tree trimming. Throughout the life of a tree, careful pruning can ensure that branches remain unbroken while balancing weight. You also may need to remove damaged or dying branches for one reason or another. Trees will continue devoting nutrients to dead branches until you remove them.

4: Your Other Plants Are Suffering

Another reason to call an arborist is if your other plants are suffering. Certain trees have such a heavy canopy that the plants underneath can’t get enough light to thrive. If this is the case in your yard, you’re not doomed to a bare yard. Instead, with careful tree trimming, you can prune trees to allow in the appropriate amount of light. This will help keep all the plants in your yard happy.

5: You Want To Manage Your Fruit Trees

Though most of the country may not have an over-abundance of fruit trees in residential areas, South Florida is a place where coconut trees hang around any corner and almost everyone knows someone with a mango tree in their front or backyard.

If you bought a house that has one or more fruit trees then you may find yourself in one of two positions:

  • You feel frustrated due to only producing one or two pieces of fruit.
  • Your yard remains inundated with so much fruit that you don’t know what to do with it.

Both solutions require the attention of an arborist.

If your tree doesn’t produce much, careful pruning can help to increase its yield. In the same way, if your tree produces too much and you would prefer it produced less, an expert can actually reduce the size of the tree. 

Finding Affordable Tree Trimming in Country Walk

If you have any of the above problems, the expert arborists at Frank’s Lawn Service are ready and willing to help you find the best and safest solutions. Contact us today for a free estimate!