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Affordable Tree Trimming in Coconut Grove

One part of homeownership that many people are not prepared for is lawn maintenance and tree trimming. Not only is affordable tree trimming in Coconut Grove difficult for many homeowners, but it takes a lot of specialized knowledge to achieve the desired landscape result. 

Without consistent upkeep, it gets harder and harder to maintain your lawn. Because of landscape upkeep, many people lean on slower-growing plants, like trees, for easier lawn maintenance. While trees may seem easy to care for in the beginning, they take a lot of specialized knowledge to maintain and can become dangerous if not properly trimmed and maintained. 

Many associate Coconut Grove with a lush, tropical landscape, and trees. However, because of the upkeep and time, many homeowners in this area look for affordable tree trimming in Coconut Grove and the surrounding areas of South Miami and Pinecrest. Here at Frank’s Lawn Service, our expert team of arborists is ready and willing to help at a great price. 

Our team knows exactly how to get your tree to its best health and the ideal shape for your landscaping theme and the utility of your home.

What is Affordable Tree Trimming in Coconut Grove?


When people think of tree trimming, they probably only think about it in a few ways — either trimming trees and bushes into shape, or tree removal. However, from the early life of a tree, trimming or pruning is necessary for the tree to be at its happiest and healthiest. There are a few types of trimming that are the most common.

1: Trimming for Shape

Trimming trees to obtain a particular look is what most people associate with tree trimming. 

Many homeowners look for a company to hire because they have an ideal shape for their tree or shrub that quickly gets out of control. Some plants grow faster than others, but many people choose a quick-growing tree to have a more dramatic statement in a shorter amount of time. Whether your tree is quick or slow-growing, however, it will likely need pruning for shape. 


2: Trimming for Safety

The second reason homeowners in Coconut Grove want affordable tree trimming is trimming for safety.

Here in Florida, we have to be cautious about allowing our trees to grow too large. Our power lines are fairly low, and tropical storms and hurricanes can make branches entangled in powerlines a deadly combination. 

Not only that, but trees towering over houses or cars that are too top-heavy or too tall can fall on a house or a car during a storm. Limbs can hang too low over the road and become a driving hazard. Roots can grow under the sidewalk and become hazards by shattering it, and dead limbs can be a falling hazard as well. 

Our arborists are experts in trimming a tree for its safest shape while retaining the beauty and majesty of the tree. Where others might lop the top off entirely, newer techniques like reduction can keep your tree from looking lopsided or ugly.


3: Trimming for Light

In Florida, we don’t have forests as they do up north. Instead, our natural foliage tends more toward the jungle, with dense, thick foliage that forces the shrubbery underneath to either grow wide leaves to catch what little light there is or yield its way to the weeds. 

Many plants can’t take in sufficient light under thickly shaded trees. However, with proper affordable tree trimming in Coconut Grove, our arborists can trim away certain branches to give the plants underneath sufficient light to grow and thrive.

4: Tree Removal

Another one of the more common activities, if you have a tree in your yard, you might need a removal service. 

Removing a tree is hard work, and you need a team that is dedicated, thorough, and will not leave a stump in the ground or fell your tree in the wrong way. Tree removal is often a strategic activity. You need remain sure that you will not endanger your house or anything underneath. 

Our team of experts can find the best way to remove a tree from your yard without harming your house or leaving any other ugly eyesores, like a stump, for you to deal with. This remains especially necessary after a tropical storm or hurricane with felled trees most common.

5: Trimming for Health

Though trees might feel like the most low-maintenance of plants, that’s not the case. Trees, like most of the plants in your yard, need upkeep. Part of this upkeep is pruning. 

Pruning can keep branches from becoming too unwieldy to support themselves by pruning away certain sections. It can also aid by removing dead or rotting branches, or pruning to thin out the topmost branches so that lower limbs receive enough light. 

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As you can see, there are many reasons to hire Frank’s Lawn for affordable tree trimming in Coconut Grove. Contact us today for a quote!