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Struggling with Pest and Weed Control? Here Are Some Helpful Steps

Weed and Insect Control

Struggling with Pest and Weed Control? Here Are Some Helpful Steps

Weed and Insect Control

Learning how to care for your yard properly is a skill that any homeowner or even property owner should invest time into. While many individuals are quick to leave every single aspect of their lawn maintenance routine to a professional, there are small steps you can take to keep your land healthy and thriving in between those visits. One common lawn care annoyance is dealing with weeds and pests. These things hinder your grass from growing as it should and can even kill off some of your precious plants and flowers in your home garden. For some of the best advice on Weed and Insect Control, Franks Lawn has you covered!

Weeding is a tiresome and repetitive practice that never seems to come to an end. Are you an individual who feels as if they spend hours in their lawn every week, crouched in an uncomfortable position to find those hard to reach areas, but fails to see any real results? Our team at Franks Lawn recognizes how grueling this can be and wants to help you find ways to make the chore more effective and satisfying to you.

First off, in order to properly treat weeds, you should take measures to have a deeper understanding of them. While it may be your first instinct to pull and dig away at any weed that is even slightly visible, this is not always the best decision. In fact, your overly zealous digging may be causing your lawn more harm than good. Only weeds found in the top inch or two of soil get enough light to trigger germination, which can, in turn, cause major issues for your plants and greenery. However, if the weeds are below the surface, they should be left to “sleep” and die off on their own as they are practically harmless in this state.

How to Control Bugs in the Yard

When you dig and disturb the soil surrounding your plants to find those hidden weeds, you are causing distress to your greenery. In the case that you are left with no choice but to dig, immediately replace the area with new plants, soil, or mulch. To lessen the disturbance, you can also use a sharp knife with a narrow blade to easily slice through the roots of various weeds without completely unearthing its roots.

Another fantastic savior when it comes to Weed and Insect Control is mulch. The material keeps the soil surrounding your plants moist and cool while blocking off any light that may be causing weeds to form. The mulch should continuously be kept 2 to 3 inches deep and replenished frequently. While weeds may still develop, they will be much more manageable. When taking on those stray weeds, remember to pace yourself and set a schedule for weeding where it won’t feel like it’s dominating your entire life.

Another task that can feel very overwhelming in caring for your lawn is keeping unwanted pests away. Certain chewing insects, such as grasshopper, can eat up your grass and plants. It may be a slow occurrence at first, but all of a sudden you will begin to notice barren patches of grass and holes on your plant’s leaves. Determining what kind of pest is causing the problem is often the most challenging part of finding a solution, as they are not always visible to the human eye. Franks Lawn recommends keeping a close eye on the frequency and size of the damage to narrow the possibilities.

Best Weed Control for Lawns

Work with a team of experienced arborists you can rely on and contact Frank’s Lawn Service Inc. at (305) 233-9369 for more information on Weed and Insect Control or click here to schedule your free estimate now!

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