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Trimming – Cutting Trees

Cutting Trees , Tree Trimming in Miami

Cutting Trees

Plants, trees, and shrubs are constantly growing and require regular maintenance in order to preserve an appealing expansion of land. The best way to ensure that your trees remain healthy, full, and radiant, is by having frequent tree trimming services performed. Our expert team at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service specializes in cutting trees that can make your yard appear unruly and unkempt by removing unwanted leaves and branches.


Tree pruning services are a fundamental basis of any prosperous tree care program. It is critical to sustaining the overall health of your trees and can stimulate growth while leaving the natural appearance of the tree unaltered.


At Frank’s Lawn, we believe that pruning and trimming trees is a blend of science and art that incorporates an understanding of tree biology, as well as the recognition of flaws in a particular plant. Our professional arborists enjoy showing off their artistic side by methodically removing specific parts of a plant, such as the branches, roots, deadwood, and buds.


Targeting the wrong branch union while cutting trees can comprise the overall appearance and stability of a tree. If you try to trim your trees yourself, you could end up trimming incorrectly, potentially causing serious damage to the tree, your property, or at worse yourself or a loved one.


Best Tree Pruners

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is the tree trimming and pruning service that you can trust to do the job efficiently. We additionally provide hedge trimming. Hedges can be an excellent addition to any business or home, and provide a natural structure to your property. While hedges can offer beauty and uniformity to your landscape, it is crucial to have your hedges trimmed frequently as part of regular yard maintenance. Our arborists will have you hedges in top condition, and all it takes is a phone call.

Don’t allow your lawn to outgrow you and lose its appeal. Contact the experts at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today at (305) 233-9369 to schedule a free estimate and determine the best tree trimming and pruning schedule for your property today!