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Tree Stump Removal Cost in Kendall

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Tree Stump Removal Cost in Kendall


Removing a tree that has been a part of your property for many years is a demanding procedure. Especially large trees can cause injury or significant damage to your property. Avoid the hassle and potential danger that accompanies tree stump removal, and allow our professionals at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service to take care of the tree removal. Our experienced team has the proper tools and supplies needed to make the process quick and easy. Our tree stump removal cost in Kendall is incomparable to any other prices in South Florida.


Over the years, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service have taken on massive projects, cutting trees, and making sure stumps are removed once service is complete. We understand the importance of following effective procedures efficiently, and safely. We include our clients in the process every step of the way.

You may believe that your lawn is beyond repair. We can rejuvenate it to make it look brand new. Our licensed arborists know the best techniques to bring your lawn back to life. We can offer tips to keep it looking its best all year round.


Stump grinding is far more than chopping at the bark. Our stump grinding services require a process with various steps. This ensures that the stump removal will go smoothly. Our team is trained to understand the fundamentals of different kinds of trees. We know the most effective way to extract each one efficiently cutting time, and costs for a tree to be removed. Large trees that have been a part of a property for many years have roots that span further underground than the naked eye can see. It is crucial that a stump removal is performed correctly to avoid property damage.

Stump and tree removal can be time-consuming. The cost of stump removing when attempting it alone is exorbitant. You need specialized equipment that will correctly grind down the stump and if you have no previous experience, this is a hassle. Instead of renting old, used equipment you don’t know how to use, or purchasing equipment that will effectively raise the prices of your tree stump removal, call Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service. Our team has the best equipment and training for the job.


Removing a tree requires a permit. There is also the laws in place to keep individuals from having excess trees removed. You might not know where to begin obtaining this permit, but when you work with the professionals from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we take care of all this paperwork for you. We oversee every alteration that is made to your property is lawful, avoiding any unwanted complications.


Once we remove trees on your property, our experts grind stumps. We utilize special equipment to skillfully remove any trace of pre-existing trees. Completely removing a sometimes seems next to impossible, but our experts don’t give in that easily, providing the best stump grinding services, and grind cost. After years of experience in the landscaping industry, we developed effective methods that function in any situation. No matter how deep the stump is on the property, we can safely and efficiently remove it. Your soil will remain healthy, and other plants will be able to be installed in place of your former stump.


One of the most important features of any home or property is the lawn. When people or potential customers come by, you want to ensure that your lawn gives off a favorable first impression. This can also raise the value of your property, helping you stand out from the rest of the properties on the street.

At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we can provide you with the knowledge, and techniques you need to keep your lawn looking great all year.

Have your trees removed the right way by a team of driven professionals. Contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today at (305) 233­-9369 or click here for your free estimate!