Soil Treatment in South Florida | Franks Lawn & Tree Service
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Soil Treatment

In South Florida, it can be said that it is summertime all year long. Along with the summer heat can come dried out plants, and soil issues.

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service provides a holistic, sustainable approach to the health and flourishment of your flora. Maintaining healthy trees and shrubs is important because plants with a high level of health are far less at risk for disease, insect infestation, and damage due to inclement weather. Healthful plants also provide better blooming, lush luxurious foliage, as well as additional overall value to your property.

Our specialists can help you to analyze and identify issues with soil care. These issues can become apparent as compaction, root girdling, ensuring proper planting depth, and nutrient insufficiencies. Our soil treatment options like mulching and pruning of roots can help to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs.

Benefits of Soil Treatment

Treating soil in your yard helps to improve moisture retention. This makes the water available to your lawn more easily accessible for the roots of your grass and trees, as course and over compacted soil have issues with retaining water. Soil treatments allow air and water to pass through the soil, binding soil particles together and making the overall composition more porous. Since the organic matter in soil composition naturally retains moisture, it is able to absorb nutrients far easier. This nutrient retention is accomplished by gathering nutrients that would otherwise escape the roots.

Healthful soil grows healthful plants. In order for soil to be healthy, it requires organic matter. The optimal environment for flourishing plants involves the utilization of organic matter like compost, moisture, and microbes. These organic compounds and organisms result in strong, healthy plants and top-quality fruits and vegetables. Healthy plants are able to defend against infestation and unwanted irritants like disease, and pests.

For more information on soil treatments and the impact they can have on your landscape, please contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today. Our team provides solutions for your home or business that are custom tailored to your land.