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Switching Over to Organic Lawn Care is as Easy as Organic Apple Pie!

Organic Lawn Care

Switching Over to Organic Lawn Care is as Easy as Organic Apple Pie!

Organic Lawn Care

As individuals learn more and more about the harmful chemicals that are added to most everything we use and consume as a society nowadays, many are turning to organic options instead. It is a common choice when shopping for fruits and vegetables, but did you know that the word “organic” has now extended as far as how we care for our yards? Organic Lawn Care is the latest trend that many homeowners are embracing as part of their regular home care routine. If you want to get in on the wave, our team at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service has all the information you need to get started today!

One of the most critical parts of any lawn care routine is introducing fertilizer to your yard to encourage continuous growth throughout the seasons. You may be accustomed to taking a trip to your nearest home improvement store to pick up the quickest and cheapest bag of fertilizer available, but this is a huge mistake. It is always tempting to gravitate towards the most convenient option, but using a cheap fertilizer that is packed with unknown chemicals and saturated with harmful ingredients, can amount to a more significant issue for you in the future. Taking a glance at the ingredients listed could save you from an unnecessary headache.

The science beneath your soil

Grass needs nitrogen to feed the soil to help it grow. Inorganic fertilizer contains urea, superphosphate and potassium chloride and microbial organisms. Organic fertilizer contains chicken manure fermentation, nutrient content and microbial organisms. The Microbial life within the soil is feed by the fertilizer you supply it. In turn, that life continues the cycle of fertilizing the land to encourage the growth of grass and other greenery. However, when the fertilizer you use is jam-packed with harmful chemicals, those microbes are negatively impacted and often die out altogether. As a result, your grass no longer has the fuel it needs to survive and will also eventually die out until you are left with an unsightly patch of dirt and dried up soil.

The Best Organic Fertilizer

The best solution to protect your yard and encourage continual growth is to supply it with nutrient-rich fertilizer that is free from all the added chemicals. Similar to how humans wish to fuel their bodies with nothing but the best produce and foods, your lawn deserves the same thoughtful treatment. You will be amazed to see the dramatic changes your garden will display after being exposed to a higher quality product.

To maintain a lush, thriving yard, all year long, it is important to establish regular lawn maintenance for your property. While tasks such as lawn mowing and trimming are a given, a well-rounded routine should include far more than just the bare necessities. Lawn care may be difficult to incorporate into your already busy schedule, but contacting Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service for our lawn maintenance services takes minutes! You can trust our professionals to determine what exactly your yard needs to remain healthy and set up a regular schedule to ensure that your property is in top shape at all times.

All Natural Lawn Care

Our professionals have all you need to know to establish Organic Lawn Care for your home. Work with a team of experienced arborists you can rely on and contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service at (305) 233-9369 or click here to schedule your free estimate now!

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