Front Yard Landscaping | Yard Maintenance Miami
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Lawn Maintenance – Front Yard Landscaping

Front Yard Landscaping

Lawn Care & Shrub Control

The team at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service believes that a green lawn is a far greater asset than just a nice expansion of healthful grass.  Maintaining a green lawn should also incorporate a commitment to the preservation of nearby lakes and rivers, in order to allow future generations to enjoy every facet of the natural beauty Florida has to offer.


Minerals and nutrients are applied by our specialists on a minimal as-needed basis and specifically under the pretenses for the optimal health of your landscape. Our trained professionals carefully analyze your property on a frequent basis in order to help in the prevention of any widespread damage.


Frank’s Lawn recognizes that no two pieces of land are the same. While particular methods may work unequivocally for one particular property, it may not be an ideal solution for another. By enlisting the services of our landscape contractors, you can be sure that by the time our team is done, your back and front yard landscaping will have a lush, stunning, and enriched appearance. Our team delves deep into our vast amount of experience to create a lawn maintenance routine that is the right solution for your property.


A healthy lawn is vital, not only in providing your home with a pleasing façade but also as an overall benefit to the environment. The dense root system of grass filters storm water before it reaches the aquifer, and we ensure that our solutions are sustainable, and environmentally sound, specifically designed to keep your landscape, and our environment lively and vibrant for generations to come.

Best Lawn Treatment


We offer many types of lawn maintenance services, including:



 Front Yard Landscaping

A regular lawn maintenance regimen is crucial in preserving a comprehensive appeal and uniformity to your home or place of business. Your grass, as well as flora and fauna, are constantly growing, and require a level of consistent and seemingly perpetual attention. A lush, healthful lawn can be accomplished with specialized supervision and plenty of care.


Trusted, expert professionals, like our team at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can work harmoniously with any schedule or deadline to establish a regulated lawn maintenance service plan to keep your property in preeminent condition.

 Landscape Services

At Frank’s Lawn, we believe in building long-lasting, professional relationships with each and every one of our customers. Our mission is to deliver complete satisfaction in every interaction. Our team is comprised of experts in the field of landscape architecture, equipped with masterful skills and years of experience not only in front yard landscaping but also in unleashing the beauty of landscape design of any property.


Don’t allow your lawn to overgrow you or lose its natural beauty. Ensure your maintenance is always up to date by contacting one of our professional representatives from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service by calling (305) 233-9369. We’ve got the landscape ideas and knowledge to make sure your property is looking its best!