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Learn the Correct Way to Install Your Very Own Plants!

Landscaping Plants

Learn the Correct Way to Install Your Very Own Plants!

Landscaping Plants

The key to any good looking yard or lawn is the plants. Having a variety of colorful flowers will add beauty to any property, but if you have never installed your plants before it can seem easy to mess up. At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service we have the best Landscaping Plants experts, so someone who has never done any yard work before can having a thriving garden. Our team of licensed arborists with decades of experience will be happy to provide you with the best tips and strategies to ensure your lawn looks the best it ever has.

If you are planning on Landscaping Plants for your lawn, it is important to prepare the soil before planting anything. First, you want to break up any compact soil by tilling and soaking it to make it softer, allowing the roots of your new plants to spread easily. If your lawn is low in nutrients, adding organic material such as bone meal and peat moss will release those nutrients into the soil and allow your new plants to look healthier. Be sure not to add too much organic material because it could cause premature plant failure or root rot.

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When installing the plants into the soil, you want to give the plant plenty of room to grow its roots and have proper water drainage. Before putting the plant into the ground, dig a hole about two to five times wider than the plant’s container and as deep as the root ball. Then, fill the hole with water and wait for it to drain. If it takes more than two hours to drain fully, then you will need to use drain tiles or a similar aid, or find a different location for your Landscaping Plants.

Once you have found the right location with the proper drainage, it is time to transfer the Landscaping Plants from their pot into the soil. First, keep tapping the sides and bottom of the pot or container the plant is in to loosen the root ball. Once the root ball is loosened enough, remove it from the pot carefully as not to rip the stem off. Then, loosen the root ball further by gently massaging it. As you place the plant into its new hole, make sure the top of the root ball is level with the ground, then you can fill the hole with soil. Make sure to pack the soil in tightly to avoid any air bubbles from forming.

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At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service we want your lawn to look better than ever when you install your new Landscaping Plants. If you have never developed a green thumb, it can seem tricky to install plants correctly. Our team of licensed arborists will be more than happy to walk you through the installation process and provide you with their best tips so your new plants will grow healthy. If you have any questions about which plants are right for this time of the year and climate, one of our team would be happy to speak with you!
Learn more about our favorite Landscaping Plants tips by calling us today at (305) 233-9369 or click here to contact us!

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