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How To Choose The Best Fertilizer For Your Lawn This Spring

best lawn fertilizer

How To Choose The Best Fertilizer For Your Lawn This Spring

Helping you Achieve Greener Grass – Select the Best Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizer can ably make your lawn lush, green, and healthy throughout the year. However, as we enter the spring, this is the season of growth and the best time to start fresh with a layer of fertilizer to help your greenery.

Additionally, obtaining a yard with luscious green grass isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve. For this reason, numerous homeowners continue turning to fertilizer to help them out with their lawn care. Unfortunately, they often get confused with the generous amount of fertilizer products available on the market. How exactly do you choose the best lawn fertilizer for your particular landscape?

Read on to discover Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service methods that can help you diagnose your lawn, as well as some factors you can consider before deciding on the best lawn fertilizer for your needs.

best lawn fertilizer

Your Type of Grass

Every grass type will require potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen, and of course, water to thrive. Although every type of grass needs an adequate amount of nutrients that lawn fertilizers provide, some grass will necessitate less watering and maintenance than others.

Determine Present Nutrients in Your Yard

Before you decide on the best lawn fertilizer for your yard, it is a good idea to administer a pH analysis. This will help you get a good idea of what nutrients your lawn will need. pH tests correctly address nutrient deficiencies in the grass while avoiding administering too many nutrients. This can prove harmful to lawn health.

Soils that remain strong in alkaline necessitate a fertilizer that can eliminate iron chlorosis. Iron chlorosis is a condition where grass cannot absorb iron. Bluegrass remains specifically susceptible to iron deficiencies. If your grass reads with neutral or near-neutral pH levels, this facilitates nutrient absorption necessary for a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Fertilizer Dispersion and Application

How you apply the best lawn fertilizer largely determines how effective it will be. You want to fertilize cool-season grasses in the spring and early fall. Drop spreaders remain an excellent way to feed lawns using dry fertilizer. However, water soluble and liquid fertilizers often require hose-end applicators or spray fertilizers for optimal results.

Consider Organic vs. Chemical Fertilizer Properties

Both chemical and organic fertilizers offer their pros or cons. In many situations, this comes down to personal preference.

Designers manufacture chemical fertilizer from petroleum, as well as animal or mineral-derived products. During refinement, companies will concentrate nutrients to facilitate grass and plant absorption.

Organic fertilizer comes from plants, animals, mined minerals, and natural mineral materials. These fertilizer products require little-to-no refinement whatsoever. You can likely find a variety of organic ingredients in organic fertilizer including manure, rock phosphate, blood meal, and fish byproducts.

Tips on Selecting the Best Lawn Fertilizer with Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

The modern lawn care market provides a variety of organic and chemical fertilizer sources of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Which fertilizer will you anoint as the best lawn fertilizer for your needs? Regardless of your choice of fertilizer, now that you know more, you can surely make the best possible selection.

Of course, you can always enlist the Frank’s Lawn Care team to help you care for your landscape throughout the year. To learn more about the best lawn fertilizer, or to discover what our expert landscape team can do for you, contact us today!

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