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Tree Shaping

Commercial Properties Need Commercial Landscaping and Maintenance

Business owners all over South Florida don’t always understand how important their commercial landscaping is to the perception of their business. Some business owners may think that commercial landscape maintenance in Miami is different from other places and only means cutting the grass, but it extends to care and maintenance for trees as well.

Successful business owners understand the value of a good first impression. 

Customers take their time to decide where to spend their money, and a company with great curb appeal can often catch the attention of any prospective client.

For this reason, our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to break down our favorite tips on taking care of your trees, in addition to how a lawn care company in Miami, like ours, can help your business make the perfect first impression. Read on to learn more!

  1. Focus on Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are crucial to caring for and maintaining the overall health of any tree. Different species and varieties of trees require different care to maintain their health and optimize their beauty.

 A professional lawn care company like Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is trained to identify every tree’s care needs and create a custom landscape maintenance plan for your business.

No matter the tree’s size, age, or location on the property, a professional arborist can trim and maintain landscape greenery while also matching it to the surrounding landscaping design.

  1. Checking for Pests and Diseases

The best way to start a tree maintenance plan is to get ahead of health issues and other potential problems before they start. Regularly checking a tree for notable signs of diseases or pests is a crucial first step in creating any commercial landscaping and maintenance plan.

By monitoring the plants regularly, it is easier to discover any changes in the landscape’s health. This routine care plan will help you to react quickly to not only save the tree but often the overall look of the commercial landscape as well.

The benefits of working with a company that provides commercial landscape maintenance in Miami are many. A local landscape company can diagnose the situation, determine problems, and formulate the best possible solution for the trees and the health of the entire commercial landscaping.

  1. Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Miami Needs a Plan

Cultivation and implementation of a tree care plan is the best possible way to ensure that trees get taken care of during any time of the year. A team like Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service guarantees that your commercial landscape will stay beautiful, lush, and healthy.

A professional landscaping team will implement a plan on a schedule that works with what your commercial landscape needs throughout the year and throughout the different seasons.

As any business owner or resident in Florida knows, we can experience dangerous storms and heavy winds seemingly at any moment. 

Storm-damaged trees need to be quickly trimmed and cleaned up before they can become a hazard to visitors, and the property itself.

This is why commercial landscaping and maintenance are so important for a business. Your commercial landscaping company will not only work to keep a commercial property looking its best but ensure it stays safe as well.

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service:  A Lawn Care Company in Miami Ready to Help!

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in MiamiTo learn more about what our company can do for you to benefit your business, as well as more information on our tree care tips, contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service about our commercial landscaping and maintenance today!

Using Ornamental Grasses on Your Commercial Property

When most people think about commercial landscaping, they tend to think about services run the gamut from lawn mowing and tree trimming in Miami to things like plant installations and pest control. 

While these represent staples of many a commercial property, qualified, expert landscapers like Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can impart far more than just tree service. For example, ornamental grass offers a great way to enhance the aesthetics and overall health of any commercial property.


Image is Everything

The very first thing that any visitor to your business will see is your landscape. When it comes to existing customers, as well as prospective clients, making the best first impression is crucially important. A welcoming and beautiful commercial landscape can accomplish exactly that.


Tree Trimming

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Lawn Maintenance Regimen

A New Year’s resolution is essentially a promise made with the best intentions to do better in the new year. Unfortunately, in spite of the focus on doing good, performing better, etc., so many make these promises, often breaking them a short time later.


What is the Difference Between Tree Topping and Tree Trimming?

At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, our clients often ask our specialists to “just lop the top off” to reduce the overall size of their trees. While this common practice called tree topping is a great way to recreate the “Whomping Willow” look from Harry Potter, it is actually quite harmful to most trees and plants.

What’s the difference between tree trimming and topping anyway? Well to put it plainly, when you severely cut away at a tree to decrease its size, this is topping the tree. When you take the necessary time to cut and prune the tree carefully, this is tree trimming. Topping typically leads to permanent damage to a tree while trimming enables greenery to continuously thrive.


Springtime Tree & Shrub Pruning

As our calendars turn over into the spring season, you leaf buds are likely starting to swell. As you stand by and admire all this fresh green growth in your yard, you may also begin to notice that your landscape could use some pruning.


Pruning Trees in Miami this February

February represents the perfect time for some “winter” pruning in the South Florida area. This is the time when your garden and landscape is at its most dormant period. For this reason, get ready for pruning trees in Miami, at least the ones you couldn’t get done during autumn.


Make Sure Your Trees Look Their Best This Holiday Season!

Many people in Florida think that late Spring and Summer represent the ideal time to plant or prune. However, these individuals are wrong, for most plants anyway. The best time of year for tree trimming is actually in the winter.

Many plants and trees shed their leaves before the arrival of the cold. Without these old leaves in place, it is much easier and more efficient to analyze precisely where to cut. Many plant species additional enter a dormancy phase during the cold season.



Tree Shaping Services

Trees are a perfect addition to any home, but if not properly maintained they can quickly turn into a hassle. Protruding branches and untrimmed leaves can be a distraction from the rest of your lawn, but not everyone has the time to trim their trees regularly. At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, our Tree Shaping Services will keep your yard looking its best! (more…)