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Frank’s Lawn Care Tips

Springtime Landscaping in the South Florida Climate

Landscaping in Florida is extremely easy if you follow some basic tips. Our lovely climate enables a wide variety of plants to grow throughout any season. However, springtime is truly the best time of year to experience all the beautiful tropical elegance the state has to offer.


Always Remove Stumps from Your Yard

Trees represent beautiful, as well as essential property assets. Unfortunately, they may also succumb to a wide variety of ailments. These might include disease, drought, wind damage, and lightning strikes. When trees experience significant damage or die, you need swift tree removal.


Green Lawn Tips from Expert Professionals

Many homeowners make an effort to help their lawns look lush and green. Unfortunately, sometimes this involves putting hours and hours into lawn care with minimal final results. These homeowners may find themselves looking over to their neighbor’s lush expanse of greenery.

However, is that grass really greener on the other side? With some professional green lawn tips from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, you can achieve a lawn that you’re finally proud of. This way, you can observe greener grass on both sides of the fence.

Water Deeply, as well as Less Often

When you water your greenery frequently for shorter periods, this teaches the grass to establish a shallower root system. Additionally, this enables the weeds to emerge easier, leaving them susceptible to disease and other pests.

To prevent this scenario, water your lawn less, and for longer periods. As a result, your grass can develop a deep and healthy root system. This helps your lawn stay green, even during a drought period.

Give Your Lawn Enough Water

The first of our green lawn tips ties directly into the second. It is important to monitor when the dry season occurs in your area. Your grass must remain saturated with enough water on a consistent schedule for optimal health.

We mentioned some of the unique challenges that overwatering grass might impart. Nevertheless, under-watered grass lacks the health and resilience to compete with weeds and diseases, let alone to stay green and beautiful.

Feed Your Hungry Grass

It is effortless to overlook the importance of spreading fertilizer on your lawn. The second of our green lawn tips goes hand in hand with proper weed control. Properly fertilizing your lawn will not only help your grass grow green and beautiful but also expand the root system.

A healthy, expansive root system covers any bare spots. Weed seeds will count on these bare spots to take hold on your property. When you remove these gaps, this prevents weeds from propagating throughout your yard.

Mow Your Grass at the Right Height

Grassroots go down as low as its above-ground height. For this reason, it is essential to mow at the right height properly. Never mow beyond 1/3rd of the total grass height. If you need to take more than this off, plan on cutting the grass more than once. Failing to commit to this entry on our green lawn tips leaves grass susceptible to drought and disease.

Furthermore, ensure that you mow while the grass remains dry. Wet grass is tough to cut and will quickly clog a mower deck. This moist clumps can also compact on the surface of your lawn, making it difficult for these areas to obtain water and oxygen.

Proper mowing will likely mean more frequent cutting. However, your finalized results will reflect a healthy, lush lawn that remains beautiful all year long.

Green Lawn Tips from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

If you need help maintaining your lawn or garden, our expert team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service makes it our business to help homeowners in the South Florida community care for their landscape. By utilizing our green lawn tips, you can ensure that your lawn remains the talk of the neighborhood.

For more information on how we can help with your landscaping, contact us today!

Pruning Trees in Miami this February

February represents the perfect time for some “winter” pruning in the South Florida area. This is the time when your garden and landscape is at its most dormant period. For this reason, get ready for pruning trees in Miami, at least the ones you couldn’t get done during autumn.


Protect Your Plants in the Cold Season with Wintertime Tropical Plant Care

Many homeowners that remain unfamiliar with tropical plant care wonder how to protect these beautiful plants when temperatures turn cold. Unfortunately, even in South Florida, our winter season gets just cold enough to affect plants and other greenery negatively.


Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter Weather

Even in a warm climate like South Florida, it isn’t uncommon for our landscaping to fall by the wayside as temperatures begin to drop. We may not contend with snow-covered, frosted ground like our friends in the north, but many Floridians abstain from spending time outside when the climates reach the sub-50’s.


Basic Lawn Tips to Improve Your Landscape

We all know a healthy lawn when we see it. Truly healthy, lush grass almost looks like carpet, just waiting for someone in bare feet to go running across it. Unfortunately, not everyone’s lawn looks like this.

To achieve the perfect lawn, you need to think about some basic lawn tips. This will include understanding what a lawn needs: sun, water, and fertilizer. Once you understand these, you have the basics covered, and it’s easy to show the world your incredible expanse of greenery! Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you get started with these basic lawn tips!


In Florida, our landscape doesn’t suffer from the enduring winter season like many other areas of the country. Nevertheless, healthy grass is an amazing gift that several homeowners take for granted. There isn’t anything that compares to spending time with family and friends on a beautiful, lush expanse of greenery. Our lawns provide a way we can appreciate nature without ever leaving our property.


Make Sure Your Trees Look Their Best This Holiday Season!

Many people in Florida think that late Spring and Summer represent the ideal time to plant or prune. However, these individuals are wrong, for most plants anyway. The best time of year for tree trimming is actually in the winter.

Many plants and trees shed their leaves before the arrival of the cold. Without these old leaves in place, it is much easier and more efficient to analyze precisely where to cut. Many plant species additional enter a dormancy phase during the cold season.



Hanging Lights on Your Outdoor Landscaping

Driving around to different neighborhoods to check out their decorated homes and outdoor landscaping remains a favorite pastime of the team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service. Although Christmas lights remain stunning and beautiful for countless viewers, they may pose a threat to your landscape!