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Frank’s Lawn Care Tips

Get Your Yard Ready with our Summer Lawn Care Advice

The Florida heat seems to keep getting warmer and warmer; however, our trees and plants keep on blooming, forcing homeowners to make the proper preparations for the summer season.

Preparing a lawn for summer in Florida can seem like a daunting endeavor. What’s the good news you ask? The summer temperatures don’t need to pose a problem with this summer lawn care advice from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service. The following information can help you keep your landscape in peak form throughout summer until the temperatures start dropping again!

Aerate the Grass

Aerating your lawn enables crucially important water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate down to the grass roots in an efficient manner. As a result, your grass cultivates a healthy root system that helps keep your greenery lush, as well as healthy.

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service recommends utilizing a fork or spike roller that will create holes in the soil. This summer lawn care method can also thin out thatch that may develop over time within the lawn, providing a multifaceted treatment for your best looking, healthy grass.

Remove Thatch

Thatch is essentially decaying plant material that naturally accumulates on your greenery. Unfortunately, although this occurs naturally, this can prevent grass and plants from receiving the ideal amount of sunlight that helps them grow and thrive.

Remove thatch by raking the grass as you rake up leaves or other landscape material. We recommend this summer lawn care tip in the spring; however, it is also a good idea to remove thatch during fall cleanups as well.

Combat Your Weeds

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service often finds the most weeds in lawns during late-July throughout August. You can combat this by applying a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds and crabgrass. You don’t want to let invaders like weeds or crabgrass invade during the summer months, or you may end up fighting an uphill battle when the temperatures start to cool off once again.

Mow Early and Mow Often

One of the biggest mistakes that numerous different homeowners make is choosing to mow only once per week during the springtime. When you let grass grow too high before finally mowing it all down, this may stunt its roots.

Unfortunately, this can prove detrimental to the growth and overall health of the grass. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service recommends mowing grass every five days for a milder approach. As a result, you will walk outside to discover a lusher, fuller lawn all season long!

Properly Irrigate

Although properly watering a lawn is not a Florida-specific summer lawn care tip, the area is certainly special when it comes to properly irrigating a lawn. A tried and true method is slowly, deeply, and infrequently watering.

This doesn’t mean “watering whenever you remember or feel like doing it.” Instead of watering a little bit each day, a fair amount of water one or twice a week will enable the grass’s roots to grow hearty and strong.

Summer Lawn Care Advice from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Summer Lawn CarePreparing your lawn for the summer season in Florida may test your patience. Nevertheless, once you can achieve a lush green lawn that remains the envy of your neighbors and passersby, you will certainly feel accomplished.

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service believes in regular maintenance as the best preparation for even the direst heat conditions. Unsure where to start? Contact our team today to learn more about our summer lawn care advice and other lawn care services.

Spring Clean Your Landscape with Stump Removal Service!

Spring is here once again. This is a time to embrace nature’s natural renewal, including all sorts of sights, sounds, and smells that springtime returns. Although we don’t get much of a cold season here in South Florida, this is still a nice time to get out of the house and embrace the warm weather once again.


Improve Your Business Curb Appeal with Commercial Landscaping

A business thrives on a consistent customer base. No matter if your business is a tech firm, healthcare facility, or an office building, proper maintenance and commercial landscaping design is crucial.

In the same way that your company devotes time to interact with customers, or to maintain a web page, it must possess an attractive, well-designed landscape. This sends an important message to customers as they may form an opinion about your company based on how it appears from the outside.


Springtime Tree & Shrub Pruning

As our calendars turn over into the spring season, you leaf buds are likely starting to swell. As you stand by and admire all this fresh green growth in your yard, you may also begin to notice that your landscape could use some pruning.


The Best Plants to Grow in the South Florida Sun

Regardless if you’re a native of South Florida, or a new resident to our gorgeous, sunny environment, discovering the best plants to grow in your yard can serve as a pleasure in the subtropical state.

Growing conditions may vary depending on elevation and climate, as well as the location in Florida itself. Nevertheless, this list of the best spring flowers to plant in Florida from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service grow well anywhere in Florida.


Pro Spring Gardening Tips from the Best Lawn Care Professionals Around

February is in the rearview mirror, and by now the birds are certainly chirping, and the sun is shining nice and warm in the sky. This can only mean one thing, spring is near, and it is time to start prepping our lawns for fresh warm weather growth.


Springtime Landscaping in the South Florida Climate

Landscaping in Florida is extremely easy if you follow some basic tips. Our lovely climate enables a wide variety of plants to grow throughout any season. However, springtime is truly the best time of year to experience all the beautiful tropical elegance the state has to offer.


Always Remove Stumps from Your Yard

Trees represent beautiful, as well as essential property assets. Unfortunately, they may also succumb to a wide variety of ailments. These might include disease, drought, wind damage, and lightning strikes. When trees experience significant damage or die, you need swift tree removal.


Green Lawn Tips from Expert Professionals

Many homeowners make an effort to help their lawns look lush and green. Unfortunately, sometimes this involves putting hours and hours into lawn care with minimal final results. These homeowners may find themselves looking over to their neighbor’s lush expanse of greenery.

However, is that grass really greener on the other side? With some professional green lawn tips from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, you can achieve a lawn that you’re finally proud of. This way, you can observe greener grass on both sides of the fence.