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Miami Lawn Mowing Services

The comfort and beauty of your great house diminishes down to nothing without a professionally maintained landscape. When your house doesn’t look neatly pulled together on the outside, it simply feels less like home when you’re looking at it. And when it comes to having guests over, first impressions do not get second chances. We value what matters to you and understand that family gatherings are one of those things. Your lawn is the first thing that gets seen when others are arriving to your property. (more…)

Landscape Debris Removal

Does your lawn need some maintenance and clean up? Especially because it is an outdoor area, your landscape can easily get very messy. In order to keep it looking completely put together, you can trust in our professional quality Landscape Debris Removal team. As a resident living in the South Florida area, you probably have plenty of hands on experience with the amount of destruction that can be left behind after a strong hurricane or tropical storm passes through. (more…)

Safe Tree Removal

Are you tired of that one tree that keeps attracting birds, or leaving a mess of leaves each day? Have you been dealing with trees that are simply ready to go? Trees are very beautiful and can make any front yard or backyard landscape look beautiful, but there are also circumstances where they can be extremely difficult to deal with. Some of them can become too high maintenance to be cared for, they can require too much potential or even current investment, and some can also leave a mess of debris, leaves, and branches. At Frank’s Lawn and Tree Service, we offer Safe Tree Removal services on top of  some of the best services to ensure beautiful outdoors for your home. (more…)

Lawn Maintenance Business

A beautiful estate or business means nothing without an accompanying professionally maintained landscape. First impressions are crucial and you’ll never have a second chance at making one. Your property’s lawn is also the first sight visitors see upon their arrival. Want to transform your dull, plain expanse of land into a stunning, welcoming display? Frank’s Lawn Maintenance Business is exactly what you’re searching for.

Tree Trimming Company

Have you wanted to freshen up the look of your home? Wouldn’t it seem perfect to have a brand new landscape to help create the aesthetic you’ve always wanted? Our tree trimming company in the Miami area can provide the service to help you accomplish just that!

Plants, trees, and shrubs are perpetually growing and require regular landscape service in order to preserve an appealing look to a property.

Lawn Care Services

Don’t you love your home? Give your lawn life and color with our Lawn Care Services and installation services!

Green plants, colorful flowers, and beautifully healthy shrubs and trees in the lawn of your residential and/or commercial building are essential. You absolutely want to keep up a beautifully displayed property for your clients and/or loved ones! (more…)

Residential and Commercial Landscaping

If you have ever lived in South Florida, you most likely have plenty of hands on experience with the destruction that can be left behind by tropical storms and hurricanes. Plants are often pulled out of the ground, bushes get torn apart, and flower beds are ruined. Cleaning up the debris from your property could take weeks and require more manpower than you have access to. (more…)

Plant Installation Expert

If you are looking for a new way to change up the appearance of your outdoor area, planting new greenery is usually your best bet. It is the best way to go, which is why we have our dedicated Plant Installation Expert is here for you. An array of colorful flowers, healthy shrubs, or decorative trees can add an air of beauty to your area and also increase the value of any estate or business. (more…)