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Author: Franks Lawn Tree Service

Commercial Properties Need Commercial Landscaping and Maintenance

Business owners all over South Florida don’t always understand how important their commercial landscaping is to the perception of their business. Some business owners may think that commercial landscape maintenance in Miami is different from other places and only means cutting the grass, but it extends to care and maintenance for trees as well.

Successful business owners understand the value of a good first impression. 

Customers take their time to decide where to spend their money, and a company with great curb appeal can often catch the attention of any prospective client.

For this reason, our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to break down our favorite tips on taking care of your trees, in addition to how a lawn care company in Miami, like ours, can help your business make the perfect first impression. Read on to learn more!

  1. Focus on Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are crucial to caring for and maintaining the overall health of any tree. Different species and varieties of trees require different care to maintain their health and optimize their beauty.

 A professional lawn care company like Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is trained to identify every tree’s care needs and create a custom landscape maintenance plan for your business.

No matter the tree’s size, age, or location on the property, a professional arborist can trim and maintain landscape greenery while also matching it to the surrounding landscaping design.

  1. Checking for Pests and Diseases

The best way to start a tree maintenance plan is to get ahead of health issues and other potential problems before they start. Regularly checking a tree for notable signs of diseases or pests is a crucial first step in creating any commercial landscaping and maintenance plan.

By monitoring the plants regularly, it is easier to discover any changes in the landscape’s health. This routine care plan will help you to react quickly to not only save the tree but often the overall look of the commercial landscape as well.

The benefits of working with a company that provides commercial landscape maintenance in Miami are many. A local landscape company can diagnose the situation, determine problems, and formulate the best possible solution for the trees and the health of the entire commercial landscaping.

  1. Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Miami Needs a Plan

Cultivation and implementation of a tree care plan is the best possible way to ensure that trees get taken care of during any time of the year. A team like Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service guarantees that your commercial landscape will stay beautiful, lush, and healthy.

A professional landscaping team will implement a plan on a schedule that works with what your commercial landscape needs throughout the year and throughout the different seasons.

As any business owner or resident in Florida knows, we can experience dangerous storms and heavy winds seemingly at any moment. 

Storm-damaged trees need to be quickly trimmed and cleaned up before they can become a hazard to visitors, and the property itself.

This is why commercial landscaping and maintenance are so important for a business. Your commercial landscaping company will not only work to keep a commercial property looking its best but ensure it stays safe as well.

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service:  A Lawn Care Company in Miami Ready to Help!

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in MiamiTo learn more about what our company can do for you to benefit your business, as well as more information on our tree care tips, contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service about our commercial landscaping and maintenance today!

Business Landscaping Trends that Can Benefit Your Business

Excellent business landscaping can make or break the first impression your company imparts to clients, visitors, and even employees. Professionally maintained landscape in Miami properly blended with creative and unique ideas is an excellent way to cultivate a grand aesthetic for anyone that sets foot on your commercial property.


Using Ornamental Grasses on Your Commercial Property

When most people think about commercial landscaping, they tend to think about services run the gamut from lawn mowing and tree trimming in Miami to things like plant installations and pest control. 

While these represent staples of many a commercial property, qualified, expert landscapers like Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can impart far more than just tree service. For example, ornamental grass offers a great way to enhance the aesthetics and overall health of any commercial property.


Image is Everything

The very first thing that any visitor to your business will see is your landscape. When it comes to existing customers, as well as prospective clients, making the best first impression is crucially important. A welcoming and beautiful commercial landscape can accomplish exactly that.


How Your Business Can Benefit from Commercial Landscaping and Start the New Year Right

For virtually every business owner, making a good impression on customers and clients is vital to success. That first impression usually happens as the customer enters your business. 

As someone walks up to your business, they will notice what the outside of your business looks like. Is the landscaping maintained? Are the trees trimmed? Does the business feel inviting? Enlisting properly maintained lawn services in Miami can help a company make the best of their first impression, as well as a positive lasting one.

As the new year begins, it is important to take a look at your commercial landscaping and find a company to assist your business in cultivating a professional outdoor environment.

Our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to outline some of our favorite ways that commercial landscaping and a fresh new look and help a company kick-off 2020 right. From tree trimming and lawn mowing to stump removal and debris cleanup, read on to learn more!

Positively Impact our Environment

It seems like everyone is going green these days. Many modern businesses are finding ways to become eco-friendlier. A beautiful, green space for a commercial landscape helps to filter dust, as well as keep pollution at bay.

Similarly, green spaces may additionally lower temperatures and provide possible energy savings. Shade tree trimming provides landscaping where employees and property visitors can enjoy lush canopies. 

Increase Business Value

Landscaping can add value to almost any property. While properly maintained lawn services in Miami certainly adds some curb appeal to residential properties, commercial landscaping can increase the value of a business as well.

Well-designed and maintained landscaping attracts the attention of visitors and passersby, also increasing market values and profits. When businesses don’t keep their landscapes in mind, customers may attain the wrong first-impression. The landscape can act as a window to business values and ideals. Companies will want to impart detail-oriented attributes, in addition to professionalism.

Provide Positive Psychological and Physical Effects

The majority of most adults spend most of their time working. Unfortunately, this may also mean that they miss opportunities to spend time focused on the beauty of the outdoors. There are several health benefits associated with spending time in greenery and nature.

By interacting with nature, many people feel reductions in their stress. Having beautiful commercial landscaping in rest and patio areas can offer employees and visitors the chance to eat lunch outdoors, stepping away from computer screens and ringing telephones.

Information on Professionally Maintained Lawn Services in Miami from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Professionally Maintained Lawn Services MiamiAny business can benefit from commercial landscaping from a professional company. The exterior of any business is a preliminary view of a company, in addition to its value. Make the best first impression, looking as professional as possible.

When companies want to appear professional, they seek out professional assistance from their landscaping maintenance services. Professionally maintained lawn services in Miami offers the benefits that companies can rely on for their landscaping needs.

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service commits to beautifying the exterior aesthetics throughout the South Florida community for our commercial clients. With a variety of services to comprehensively care, enhance, and maintain commercial properties, we can offer the right first impressions on behalf of any company.

To learn more about all of our landscaping services from tree trimming to stump removal, contact our caring and dedicated landscaping team today!

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