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Promote Lawn Growth with These Soil Aeration Tips

Aerate Soil Lawn

Promote Lawn Growth with These Soil Aeration Tips

Aerate Soil Lawn

Maintaining a lush, beautiful lawn requires high levels of commitment and experimentation with different techniques. Properly mowing, watering, and fertilizing are all givens, but sometimes, you may need to take some extra steps to ensure that your property looks the way you want it to. While you may not be an expert on these methods and techniques, Franks Lawn is here to provide you with much-needed information, such as the best Aerate Soil Lawn tips and much more!

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is soil aeration? Well, aeration itself is known as the process by which air is circulated through, mixed with or dissolved in a liquid or substance. However, when it comes to aeration in soil and your lawn, the process uses mechanized or manual equipment to either puncture the soil with spikes or remove a core from the ground. While many individuals often overlook this step in bringing a lawn back to life, it is vital in improving drainage and reducing puddle formation.

Deep Lawn Aeration

Now that you have a better understanding of what soil aeration is, it is important to understand when your lawn is in need of aeration and how to implement it. If you have noticed that your grass is having difficulty penetrating through the soil surface and it is beginning to lose its lush appearance, it may be time to consider soil aeration. Many experts recommend that concentrating on mowing, feeding, weeding, and aerating will secure the overall health and growth of your lawn.

When deciding on a method of aeration, you can choose from manual or motorized methods. Manual aerators work best for small lawns and produce results that can, in some ways, be just as effective as automated aerators. Individuals use foot-power to plunge two to four hollow cylinders into the soil to extract cores or punch holes. Strap-on spike shoes accomplish a hole-punch effect but don’t remove soil cores.

Automated aerators have a circular drum in front or back loaded with hollow cylinders or spikes. With a core aerator that removes soil plugs, machines with deeper tines and weight can be significantly more efficient. Some riding mowers have spike or core aerator attachments that can also prove to be useful.

How to Aerate My Lawn

Work with a team of experienced arborists you can rely on for Aerate Soil Lawn and contact Frank’s Lawn Service Inc. at (305) 233-9369 or click here to schedule your free estimate now!

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